"A Day in the Life of the Uzumaki Family" is episode 18 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


Boruto looks after a bedridden Himawari while Hinata goes pick up her medicine. Boruto recalls a previous occasion Himawari had a rough time, and recalls when Naruto became Hokage. Naruto had arrived drunk late from celebrating with his friends the night before his inauguration. The next morning, Boruto jumps on him to wake him up when Himawari is unable to do it. Hinata has to pick up Naruto's formal wear, as the seamstress still isn't done with it, having made the formal attire of every previous Hokage. At the inauguration venue, Kakashi is relieved to pass on the mantle of Hokage. Hinata arrives, but Naruto hasn't, so she goes back home to check on him. At home, Boruto and Himawari fight over a teddy bear, and end up tearing it apart. Himawari awakens the Byakugan, and moves in to attack Boruto, but Naruto puts himself between them, getting himself knocked out. At the inauguration, Kakashi and Shikamaru have Konohamaru transform into Naruto to get the event underway. Hinata finds Naruto unconscious at home with his tenketsu closed, and wonders who might have done it. Upstairs, Himawari found him hidden in a closet. Boruto resents Naruto for spending little time at home ever since becoming Hokage, but he arrives wanting to see Himawari. Boruto notices his Hokage cloak is inside out, and is secretly glad Naruto came home. Boruto and Naruto fight over what Himawari should eat, and Hinata puts them both outside. Naruto invites Boruto to eat with him, and takes him to Ramen Ichiraku. Ayame greets them. Seeing news about an upcoming Five Kage meeting, Boruto asks if Naruto is going to be busy again. Naruto tells him not to worry. Choji and Chocho arrive for an eating competition, and Boruto envies their rapport. The Akimichi fail to break Hinata's record. At home, Hinata sees a picture of Naruto's inauguration and recalls the end of that day, discussing Himawari's Byakugan and Naruto's new dreams with him.


  • After Naruto and Boruto look towards Hinata in fear, when their argument is interrupted, Naruto's bandaged arm is partially seen with skin.