In the weeks following the end of the Ghost incidents, Boruto wonders why his eye stop activating. Naruto, Sai, and Shikamaru stroll through the village, glad to see everything is back to normal. Sai informs them of the role the Academy students had in stopping Sumire. Shikamaru posits letting Sumire stay in the Academy might lead to problems. Shino informs his students they'll be assembled in new three person teams to see how well they fit after graduation. Sarada questions Sumire's prolonged absence. Mitsuki insists on partnering with Boruto again, but they lack a third member, as Iwabee and Denki are already partners, as are Shikadai, Chōchō, and Inojin. Iwabee already asked Sarada to be on his team, Boruto considers asking Lee, and Mitsuki wishes Sumire could be on theirs. Boruto shushes him, as others don't know about Sumire's involvement in the incidents. Shino asks Iruka what will happen with Sumire, and insists he will watch over her if she returns. Boruto is surprised to see Naruto home early. They discuss Sumire. Shino visits Sumire, and offers to set up a place outside the village where she can figure herself out. Inojin tells Shikadai and Denki his father got files on other villages' academies, and figures Sumire is being transferred. Shino has the students catch a flag again. He steps out when he receives words about Sumire. With Mitsuki's help, Boruto is able to get to the flag. Sumire returns, and is moved by everyone's reaction. Naruto sends a shadow clone to meet up with Sasuke, and hands him a scroll about the Gozu Tennō, which Sasuke attributes to Kaguya, and believes will make it easier to reach her dimension. When Naruto asks him to come to the village for a while, Sasuke asks Naruto to tell Sakura he's sorry, and leaves. Toneri divines about the coming of gods. Kinshiki informs Momoshiki about abnormalities in Kaguya's world, and Momoshiki decides to prepare for departure.