Land of Fire damyo ikkyu Madoka issues a statement regarding state of affairs with the Land of Waves. Iruka and Anko watch it on the news, disconcerted with his position, and muse how good Konoha has it. Naruto is with them, having come to the Academy, and announced he has reached an agreement with the Land of Water, allowing for field trips there. Boruto interrupts their discussions with a poor rendition of Wind Release jutsu. Boruto tries talking around the issue. Boruto and Naruto get into an argument. Shino announces the development to his class. The students discuss the possibilities. Shino asks for a class leader to represent them, and Sarada volunteers Boruto, who is hanging upside down and gagged over his earlier prank. Other students support her, and due to being gagged, Boruto is unable to voice his dissent. While talking about it after class, Iwabee reminds them of Kirigakure's past as the "Bloody Mist". Hinata helps Boruto pack for the trip. Shino and Anko take the class by train and boat. Boruto and Sarada fight. Iwabee remains gloomy during the trip. At night, Boruto asks Mitsuki about his Wind Release. Kirigakure comes into sight. They arrive in the morning, and are surprised at how urban it looks. The group is welcomed by their guide, Kagura Karatachi, an aide to the Mizukage. Many of the girls swoon over him. Kagura greets Boruto, and shows them around. Kagura and Boruto bond over their shared interest in Kagemasa. Iwabee remains gloomy as well as sceptical about Kirigakure's current state when talking to Boruto and Denki. Boruto bumps into someone. Iwabee and the guy's attitude about it cause him and Boruto to begin fighting, but Shizuma intervenes. He's impressed with the Konoha kids for standing up to Hassaku. The two leave, and as they do, a thick mist covers the village.