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To create a positive experience for every editor on the Boruto Wiki, the Boruto Wiki has a set of rules dictating the user behavior and content regulations that are allowed.

Note: Rules will be amended as the wiki builds itself up. In the future, the community will discuss editing and adding rules.

General Guidelines

Content Guidelines

  1. The wiki collects information pertaining to the Boruto franchise, and not the Naruto franchise as a whole. This includes the movie, manga, anime, and SD manga. No information exclusive to Naruto: Shippūden should be added to the wiki.
  2. Information exclusive to the Boruto anime should be specified as such.
  3. Articles should have substantial content on them. If there is little content, consider merging pages.
  4. References can be pulled from older sources, such as Databooks, and the original Naruto manga, if they help contextualize subjects pertaining to Boruto.

Image Guidelines

  1. Keep images high quality with little blurriness or pixilation.
  2. Images featuring explicit sexual conduct and extreme gore are not permitted on the wiki.
  3. Keep file names simple and on topic.

User Conduct

  1. Treat other users with respect. Never use any discriminatory speech, such as slurs, whether it is directed towards someone or not.
  2. Do not vandalize pages.
  3. Do not add explicit sexual content to the wiki, User Blogs, Comments, or Discussions.
  4. Do not excessively edit pages, as it clogs Recent Changes. It is highly discouraged.
  5. Do not undo and redo edits to pages. Doing so is considered fluff-editing.
  6. Do not impersonate wiki staff members or crew members.
  7. Listen to staff when you receive a warning.


Failure to comply with the above rules may result in a temporary ban. Repeated instances or ignored warnings will result in longer or permanent bans.