"Boruto and Sarada" (ボルトとサラダ, Boruto to Sarada) is episode 24 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


Naruto watches a damaged tree, explaining to Shikamaru it's the only one left from an attack. Shikamaru asks if everything is ready for the Five Kage Summit, which Naruto confirms. Iwabee and Metal spar while discussing which Kage is the strongest, knocking Shino out accidentally. Boruto and Shikadai talk about the summit as a family matter, to Inojin's amusement. Sarada impresses her classmates with her shurikenjutsu, and announces her goal of becoming Hokage. Boruto questions her change of heart, recalling her recent ridiculing of shinobi. Sarada deflects, trying to belittle Boruto. As they argue, Mitsuki voices his opinion the two would make a nice couple, to their embarrassment. Chōchō almost reveals Sarada awakened the Sharingan, but Sarada stops her. Boruto unsuccessfully tries recruiting Shikadai and Inojin to graffiti the Hokage Rock during the summit. Sarada tells Chōchō her mother warned her about the Sharingan, and Sarada herself wants to learn how to use it well enough before revealing it. Iwabee and Metal continue discussing the Five Kage as they watch their arrival on tv. Sakura struggles with unboxing after moving. Boruto watches his father's speech. Chōchō helps Sarada train. Sarada copied Boruto's shadow clone, and uses it against Chōchō, but passes out from not having enough chakra. Konohamaru catches her as she falls. She asks him about the Sharingan, and he tells her what he knows. He learns she wants to be Hokage, and says they're rivals on that. In a closed meeting, Naruto informs the other Kage on recent events, and the presence of other dimensions in them. He tells them that Kaguya created White Zetsu before the war, in preparation for a great enemy. The other Kage worry about when the next enemy will come, concerned about the lack of fighting skill in the next generation. Gaara says that has always been a concern, and that new generations rise up. Sarada fights Boruto when she finds him on his way to vandalise the Hokage Rock. Naruto says the current generation can depend on their friends to fight and hone their skills. Sarada and Boruto spar, Sarada impressing Boruto. He still vandalises the rocks, causing Naruto to be notified, getting exasperated.