In a barren wasteland with a God Tree, Momoshiki  drains  Kurama's chakra from Naruto, complaining how much there is, and how long it's taking. Naruto assures him they won't go down easy, because they're shinobi. The branch Naruto is bound to is cut down, Momoshiki and Kinshiki noting the arrival of Chōjūrō and  Darui, both with their swords out. Momoshiki surmises Sasuke brought them with his  Rinnegan. Boruto cuts the remaining branches holding Naruto. Sasuke breaks Naruto's fall. Gaara and  Kurotsuchi  join the group. Regaining his senses, Naruto notices Boruto wearing his old clothes. Sasuke tells Naruto Boruto's become a shinobi, and goes to battle. Naruto tells Boruto how much he looks like him in those clothes. Naruto apologises for the state of their relationship. Boruto tells him to tell him stories of his past. Sasuke fights Kinshiki. Chōjūrō interferes with Kinshiki's attack, noting he's fast for his size. Kinshiki changes his focus to Chōjūrō, landing one attack. He tells Chōjūrō he left himself open, but Chōjūrō tells him he's done the same. Kurotsuchi appears from the ground, landing a powerful punch on Kinshiki, sending him flying. As Kinshiki steadies himself, Sasuke lands a Chidori from behind with his sword, sending him to the ground. There, Kinshiki is pinned down by splinters from Chōjūrō, and ash from Kurotsuchi. Gaara creates sand platforms to give Darui footing in his pursuit of Momoshiki, who blocks his sword with black receivers. Naruto readies himself to join the fight, but Boruto warns him that ninjutsu won't work against Momoshiki. Momoshiki is cornered by Sasuke, who has deduced how his ninjutsu absorption works, comparing it to the Kote. Momoshiki notices Kinshiki has been immobilised. He turns his attention to Naruto and Boruto, looking at them with his Byakugan, and realising something about their fate. He points out that even if Naruto has all that power, he cannot pass it along to Boruto, much to their confusion. Momoshiki offers to show how power is passed down in his clan, turning Kinshiki into a chakra edible and consuming it. Sasuke tries attacking him, to no effect. Momoshiki manifests a third Rinnegan on his forehead and begins changing, promising Naruto he's next.