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Earth Release (土遁, Doton) or Earth Style is one of the five basic elemental Nature Transformations used in ninjutsu.


Earth Release jutsu can manipulate the strength and composition of earth from being as hard as rock to as soft as mud or clay, and manipulate its density, making it heavier or lighter. This allows the user to travel through ground and rock in various ways, which can be essential for transportation and setting up attacks or creating defenses. This makes Earth one of the most versatile nature transformations. Users can also generate their own earth with their own chakra instead of relying on pre-existing earth.

Earth Release affinities are the most common among the ninja of Iwagakure, and is commonly affiliated with the Snake seal and/or slamming their palm onto the ground.

Earth is strong against Water Release but weak against Lightning Release.

Earth Release can be combined with other nature transformations to create entirely new nature transformations, which the user accesses through having a kekkei genkai or kekkei tota. Earth is combined with likely Lightning Release to create Explosion Release, or Explosive Style. Earth is also combined with Wind Release and Fire Release to create the kekkei tota Dust Release, or Particle Style.


Chakra Nature
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