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Ereki Kaminarimon the president of the Kaminarimon Company and a former Konohagakure shinobi.


He fought in the Fourth Shinobi World War. Some time afterwards, he retired from active-shinobi status and started his own company. Eventually, he had a son named Denki, whom he has begun grooming to become his future successor in his company.[1]


A very business-oriented man, he focuses constantly on the future. Openly accrediting his company's success to his achievements during the Fourth Shinobi War, he has great faith in shinobi. As such, wanting for his son Denki to inherit his company, he believes his son needs to learn ninjutsu as well as academics to succeed him. Very stern in his views and parenting style, when Denki spoke up against this envision, he slapped him without any hesitation.


He has black hair most of which is worn in a topknot and sports a thin moustache as well as a beard. He wears a traditional green kimono.

New Era

Academy Arc

The day before Denki was to begin at the Academy, he slapped his son after he spoke against wanting to attend it. The next day, he sends a letter to the Seventh Hokage to offer to pay for all the damages done throughout Konoha that was caused by the Thunder Rail.


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