Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki and Katasuke arrive at the research institute. There, they meet with Sumire Kakei from their Academy days, who is part of the research team. Akita Inuzuka, another research team member, arrives to collect the prosthetic hand from Katasuke, and gushes about it as Katasuke fills her in on information about it. Boruto thinks the mission is done, but Sumire and his teammates tell him there's more to their mission. Boruto was unaware they'd help test the scientific ninja tools because he stormed off the Hokage's office before hearing all about the mission. They first have Boruto and Mitsuki fight against Sarada, who employs a prototype light and smoke bomb that overwhelms them with light and sound. Mitsuki comments even his enhanced senses were beaten by it. Next, the three enter a room where all sound is nullified. In each room, Sarada mentions how each of the tools could aid shinobi missions. They next try gloves and boots that allow them to walk on walls without having to spend chakra, meaning they can focus on moulding chakra for actual combat instead of having a split focus. Boruto injures himself while trying to fly on a kite, and Sumire tends to his injury with a medical foam developed by Katasuke. Boruto notices Sumire's respect for Katasuke. He reads a plaque with Katasuke's qualifications, and a quote by Katasuke where he considers science to be a form of support. Boruto is distracted by Chamaru, Akita's ninken, and notices one of his legs is a prosthetic. Akita tells Boruto how Katasuke reached out to her, and how his developing of Chamaru's prosthetic lead to her becoming his assistant. Katasuke offers Boruto to try one of his prototypes, a chakra katana. Boruto comes around regarding the prosthetic hand his father used before. Boruto receives a call from Naruto, who informs him of the loss of communication with Konohamaru and Mugino. Naruto suspends their current mission and tasks them with finding Konohamaru and Mugino, as they're the closest team. Naruto, Shikamaru, and Sai discuss the recent events. They believe Kara to be involved, and are concerned that a state of the air blimp was able to enter Land of Fire airspace undetected. They surmise that such an endeavour requires funding, and whoever is funding them is the enemy.