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Isshiki Otsutsuki was a member of the Otsutsuki Clan's main family and is also the former leader of Kara before his death.


Isshiki came down to earth with Kaguya to harvest a chakra fruit, however Kaguya betrayed him and almost left him dead. What was left of Isshiki would shrink down and go into the brain of a monk named Jigen who he would also implant karma in, through Jigen he would create and control Kara.


Isshiki is someone who looks down on Shinobi and sees them as merely tools similar to how he views humans as lesser than him.


Isshiki is seen in the manga with a white robe with the insides being red. His skin is pale, like any other Otsutsuki, he has horns and because he was a descendant of Kaguya or Hamura most likely, he has the Byakugan and he has a unnamed Dojutsu, with a light-blue mark under his mouth and on his chin.[1][2]

Isshiki Ōtsutsuki Manga 1st Appearance


Isshiki possesses two dojutsu a byakugan and another that has yet to be named. His special dojutsu allows him to use Sukuna Hikona which allows him to shrink objects and restore them to their original size along with being able to shrink and restore himself, it also possesses Dai-kokuten which allows him to store objects in a space where time does not flow. In addition to his dojutsu powers he is able to teleport and has increased physical ability.


He comes to Earth trying to find his vessel Jigen, in doing so however he finds Sasuke Uchiha and they began to fight. Naruto comes and helps in fighting Isshiki, as shown in the manga he has two dojutsu, a byakugan, and a yet to be named dojutsu. They continue fighting, and in doing so Naruto uses Baryon Mode to protect Sasuke. Before this however, they both fought Jigen. Afterwards, Isshiki put up a amazing fight because he was proven to be a stronger shinobi then Naruto which is rare because Naruto and Sasuke were known to be the two strongest shinobi's in the shinobi world. Jigen and Isshiki are both stronger then Naruto and Sasuke. When they left, Isshiki was killed by Kawaki's shadow clone and left to die. Jigen's fate is yet to be named, but he is most likely incapacitated. Isshiki was the leader of Kara with Jigen, but after they died, Code became the leader after Kawaki killed Isshiki, and nobody knows who killed Jigen, but it was most likely Boruto and Kawaki.