Kakashi Hatake is a shinobi of Konohagakure's Hatake clan.

New Era

Academy Arc

Kakashi vs Nue

Kakashi faces Nue.

In the anime, when learning about the mysterious attacks on the village, Kakashi begins investigating the incident, and learns that it involves a Root project. Upon reporting his findings to Naruto at the Hokage's Office, the two discuss the investigation with Shikamaru. Realizing the culprit planned to unleash the Nue on the village now that it was nearing completion, Kakashi went in search of the rogue student. Arriving at Senju park, Kakashi immediately severed the creature's tail, resulting in the spontaneous emergence of dozens of smaller tails, which it used to steal chakra from Sai's men. After saving them, Kakashi organized the team to hold off the creature. As Naruto arrives, Kakashi stops him from fighting, explaining that the creature's intention was to gather enough chakra to produce a powerful explosion to destroy the village. As the shinobi attempt to subdue the beast, it teleports away, much to Kakashi's surprise. Kakashi deduced that while this creature was a summoning, it uniquely existed normally in a separate dimension, leaving others unable to follow it.