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Kawaki (カワキ, Kawaki) is a shinobi raised by Jigen and his organization Kara to be the future vessel for Isshiki Ōtsutsuki. After being brought to Konohagakure, he is taken in by Naruto Uzumaki and develops a brotherly bond with Boruto Uzumaki.


Due to years of abuse at the hands of his birth father and Kara, Kawaki is initially hostile to new people he meets. He is very disrespectful, constantly using expletives and speaking to people in a rude tone. He's also very blunt and straight to the point. Due to Jigen's emotional abuse, Kawaki has come to view himself as empty, but after meeting Naruto, overcomes that outlook. Kawaki can also be very stubborn at times not to mention his rudeness habit makes people that try to talk to him very annoyed.

In the future, he is shown to be somber with a detached and dark outlook. He seems to despise shinobi and is determined to end their era.


Kawaki has a black undercut, with the shaven sides being blonde, the roman numeral IX under his left eye (previously a curved dagger mark), and a pair of hooped piercings under his right eyebrow. He wears a green top with a sleeveless long jacket over it, along with black pants and black half sandals.

On the palm of his left hand is a black diamond-shaped seal called Karma, which can unfold and move up his left arm to his face. When synchronizing with Boruto's Karma, he turns red.

In the future, he is seen wearing a violet infinity scarf and belt, white overalls with his chest exposed, and a black vest trench coat.

New Era

Kawaki Arc

Kawaki was seen to be passed out by Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki, and Konohamaru. Boruto later sees his Karma seal on his hand, and he finds out it's the same one he has. Several minutes later, an outer of the organization called Kara named Garo appeared and Kawaki fights him using his prowess, he's able to make his body parts into brownish and a few little orange spots, in doing so, he's able to become way stronger then he is in a normal state. He then uses Karma to absorb Garo's attacks. He kills Garo, and afterward, Boruto uses his Karma to fight and save Konohamaru Team 7's sensei, after Garo shot a fire attack at him. Absorbing all the attacks, Kawaki and the rest of team 7 head back to Konoha and Kawaki gets put into the hospital and is asked further questions by Sai. After being brought to Konohagakure by Team 7, he is taken in by Naruto Uzumaki who trains him and treats him like family, during which he develops a brotherly bond with Boruto because of them both possessing Karma, however, Kawaki would then lose Karma during the Isshiki Ōtsutsuki fight and will somehow regain Karma due to it being shown in the brief scene after the time-skip.


During his childhood, Kawaki was raised by a man who suffered from alcohol problems and beat him constantly, until Jigen bought the boy with a large sum of money. Taking over his custody, he told Kawaki to be at ease from now on, as after all, he was his new father. So Jigen took him to Kara's hideout, where he performed experiments on his body with the organization's scientist and researcher, believing that the boy might be able to forcefully receive Karma into his body. In the end, the test was carried out with several children and all died, except Kawaki, who survived and received the seal of Karma in the palm of his left hand. Later, the boy was subjected to being beaten by Jigen so that he could learn to use the power of Karma, even against his own will. At some point later, he mastered Karma more and pulled out Garō's jaw.

At one point, he underwent a series of changes in the structure of his body, being transformed into a scientific weapon, in which he had all his blood vessels and his nervous system replaced by some inorganic technology.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Ao Arc

After the fall of the airship carrying Kawaki, the boy fights and defeats several robotic puppets on the spot, shortly before being found unconscious near the border of the Land of Fire by Team 7 of Konohamaru.

Kawaki Bow

Shortly after, the boy wakes up causing a big explosion, and then being surprised that Boruto has Karma, beginning to believe that the boys were Kara's pursuers who were sent to capture him. Soon after, Garō finds the boy and shows his intention to take him to see Kara again, with both of them starting a short fight soon after. Kawaki is apparently defeated by Kara's outsider, but manages to turn the fight around using a new power, stronger than the one shown earlier, defeating Garō and killing him, even with the pleas to be spared. When he kills the outsider, Kawaki looks ahead and sees that the Konoha boys survived their attack because Boruto was able to absorb part of it with his Karma thanks to the resonance caused by the use of Kawaki. It's noted that the boys of Konoha did not even have the slightest knowledge of that power. Then the boy falls unconscious on the floor, and Katasuke watches him noting that his body has been totally modified into a living Scientific Ninja Weapon.

When Kawaki passes out, he is taken to Konoha Hospital to recover, where he stays until he wakes up and runs into the Seventh Hokage and his supporters. Thinking that the people there would also harm him, the boy tries to escape from the hospital, but is stopped by Shikamaru, who guarantees that no one there will harm him. Later, the boy is taken to be monitored at Naruto's house, where he violently pushes the kitchen table in yet another attempt to escape, but gives up the idea of ​​escape when he sees the power of the Seventh Hokage, and the guarantee that no one would harm you in Konoha. When the table is put in place, Boruto comes home and is amazed to see Kawaki there, soon irritated when he sees the flower pot made by Himawari on the floor and in pieces, breaking on top of the boy and holding him with a lot of irritation. Kawaki, for his part, apologizes, in a simple way, increasing the irritation of the Hokage's son that the stranger did not even bother to say anything more.

The other day, Kawaki ends up having a disagreement with Boruto over the bathroom, which increased the friction between the boys and triggered a fight behind the house of the Seventh Hokage. They're both are stopped by a Naruto clone before the situation stays serious. After a meal with the Uzumaki family and observing the good weather between them, Kawaki goes to the door of Boruto's room to ask about the origin of the boy's Karma. Upon hearing that the young Uzumaki's mark was achieved after a fight with a Ōtsutsuki, Kawaki also tells about how he was forced to receive Karma. He suggests to Boruto that they both work together to investigate more about the brand and try to find a way to get rid of it. Despite consenting to support the boy, Boruto is still unhappy that he destroyed his sister's flower pot, even though it was not on purpose. Later, the Seventh Hokage decides to accompany Kawaki in search of a new vase of flowers to prevent him from stealing one.

After walking alongside the Seventh Hokage for a morning and meeting Sarada, both are accompanied by her until they arrive at a sale, where Uzumaki buys a chocolate-flavored taiyaki for Kawaki and surprises the boy with the taste of the treat. When they follow the path, Kawaki is bumped by a child and immediately attacks him violently, but his attack is stopped by the Seventh Hokage, who rebukes his attitude. As I walked a little further and arrived at Ino's florist shop, Naruto asks Kawaki to choose a jug of flowers, but despite choosing to try to put sincerity and soon receive flowers as a gift in the container, the boy has confused with his past and ends up seeing Jigen, which frightens him and causes him to let the jar break on the floor. Frightened and eventually letting Karma show itself in a good part of his arm, he is hugged and comforted by Naruto soon receiving a new vase of flowers and thanking the owner. Shortly afterward, Sarada says goodbye to the boy and offers support in case he needs something. When Kawaki returns to his new home and shows Boruto his newly purchased flower pot, Uzumaki acknowledges his sincerity and concern for apologizing,

Later, Naruto takes his son to fight training in a slightly more isolated area and invites Kawaki to come and watch. On the spot, Kawaki remains beside Himawari watching an initial fight between father and son, until Kawaki suggests Boruto's use of Karma so that they can learn more about it, activating his and causing Boruto's to activate. also. In doing so, the young Uzumaki presents himself considerably faster and stronger, beginning an intense exchange of blows with his father until he is surprised and defeated. At the end of the confrontation, father and son make the seal of reconciliation and Himawari explains to Kawaki that it is an action used at the end of a fight. Seeing how much Boruto had fun after the fight ended, Kawaki remembers how he was constantly beaten up by Jigen to learn how to use his Karma. Later, the Seventh Hokage comes to his office to work on the paperwork and takes Kawaki so that the boy can be seen. Seeing his curiosity about training earlier, Naruto asks if Kawaki would like to learn how to use chakra and explains that the possibility of using such energy is not exclusive to the shinobi. Next, Kawaki says that the technique used by the Seventh Hokage to create multiple clones is somewhat useful, since the user can beat himself up as many times as he wants, but Naruto disagrees and states from experience that this is not a good thing to do. to do and that it is better to have a rival and friends by your side. Later, Kawaki goes outside Naruto's residence carrying the packet of glue he had received from Boruto and picks up the bag with the shards of Himawari's broken vase. Naruto asks if Kawaki would like to learn to use chakra and explains that the possibility of using such energy is not exclusive to the shinobi. Next, Kawaki says that the technique used by the Seventh Hokage to create multiple clones is somewhat useful, since the user can beat himself up as many times as he wants, but Naruto disagrees and states from experience that this is not a good thing to do. to do and that it is better to have a rival and friends by your side.

After taking the pieces of the vase made by Himawari, Kawaki begins to glue some parts of it, giving up before concluding because he thinks it would be impossible. Little Uzumaki consoles him by saying that it was enough to worry about buying a new vase of flowers. Boruto then enters the room and encourages Kawaki not to give up on something just because it is difficult, also confirming that he is determined to help him in your research on Karma. Intending to pass on to Boruto what he knows about Karma, Kawaki accompanies him to a slightly more isolated area, where they are under Naruto's supervision and receive the support of his daughter. After a short exchange of blows, Kawaki fires an attack with his Karma so that Boruto is forced to absorb, Uzumaki extends Karma's hand but is unable to absorb the blow, getting hit and getting some wounds on his right hand. By Naruto's guidance, after the fight ended, both soon make the seal of reconciliation, which causes a sudden pain in both Karma and Boruto end up seeing Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki's angry face. Shortly after, Delta arrives at the place where Kawaki met the Seventh Hokage and his children.

Time Skip

Four years from the start of the manga, in the wake of Konohagakure's destruction, Kawaki and Boruto Uzumaki face off on the destroyed Hokage Rock. Kawaki tells Boruto that he will send him where he "sent the Seventh" and proclaims that the era of shinobi is over. Boruto refutes this, telling Kawaki he is still a shinobi, and dawns his forehead protector as Karma unfolds across his arm. Boruto's dojutsu Jōgan sheens, and Kawaki and Boruto clash. Kawaki then starts attacking Boruto and soon it will start episode one of Boruto.


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