From the moon, a shadowy figure observes the stars, noting a constellation as a sign of a coming harvest. Boruto, Denki, Shikadai, and Iwabee watch a movie about a ninja with dōjutsu and a secret identity. The four discuss the movie at dinner, and compare it to actual life as a shinobi. Riding the train, Boruto and Shikadai discuss the spectre only Boruto can see. At home, Boruto creates a few shadow clones to overview the incidents so far. Boruto still doesn't want to tell Naruto about it. Boruto goes out to eat and meets Shikadai, who suggests maybe he's awakening the Byakugan. Mitsuki reveals himself, agreeing that Boruto should find out more about the Byakugan. That night, Boruto has a dream, where the star-gazing figure tells him his eye will be important, with promises of an awesome fate. When he wakes up, remembering the dream, Boruto notices his sight is different, and manages to catch a glimpse of his eye on the mirror. Boruto gets excited about it. Shikamaru hands Naruto a report about the incidents, and they wonder if Boruto, who was near every one, is involved or is a target. Tired, Naruto goes home. There Boruto is confident he's awakened the Byakugan. The others are sceptical of it, angering Boruto. Hinata tells him to talk with his grandfather, who will know if Boruto really has the Byakugan. Shikadai, Denki, and Mitsuki discuss the possibility of Boruto having the Byakugan. Naruto takes Boruto and Himawari to the Hyūga compound, where Hiashi and Hanabi are elated to see them. Hiashi explains the nature of the Byakugan to Boruto, confirming Naruto's earlier words about the training required to use it. Hiashi calls Boruto out to the courtyard, wanting to fight him and see if he does have it.