"The Mizukage's Successor" (水影の後継者, Mizukage no Kōkeisha) is episode 26 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


As Kagura escorts the group, Boruto tells Iwabee not to wander off and pick fights again. Kagura points out some villagers don't like outsiders. He introduces them to Mei, the previous Mizukage, and lists her previous efforts during the war and in beginning Kirigakure's expansion. The two lead them to the Mizukage's office, where they meet Chōjūrō. Boruto is bored as Chōjūrō makes a lengthy speech about cooperation. Sarada discreetly calls him out on it, but Chōjūrō does concede long speeches are boring. As the group leaves, Chōjūrō asks if Kagura will give something another try, wanting to groom Kagura for something in the future. Kagura politely declines, and hurries along to the group. Mitsuki tells the group what he knows about Kagura, and when Boruto is unfamiliar with the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, Shikadai tells him about them. Kagura takes them to visit Kirigakure's Academy, where students practice kenjutsu on water. Chōjūrō invites Boruto to spar, and has Kagura be his partner. Boruto takes his time making a first move, unable to find an opening. Despite making a feint with the water, Boruto loses when Kagura disarms him. Iwabee can't watch and leave, and Kagura is distraught by having to fight, but composes himself. Boruto asks hims about it, but Kagura changes the subject when students talk about the possibility of him becoming Mizukage. He then takes them to visit the beaches. Kagura talks to Boruto and Sarada how Chōjūrō improved the quality of life in Kirigakure. At the end of the day, Kagura takes them to a memorial for those who died during the era of the Bloody Mist. Iwabee reveals his grandfather was killed by the Fourth Mizukage, who had the same last name as Kagura. Iwabee is irritated by Kagura apologising for something that happened when he wasn't there. Some Kirigakure villagers who dislike outsiders come by, led by Hachiya, and tensions rise as they talk down to Kagura. They also disrespect Boruto on account of being an Uzumaki. Hachiya tries stabbing them, but is stopped by Kagura. Iwabee attacks him with an earth spear, but they escape. Kagura is unconcerned with the wound in his hand, and Sumire tends to his injury. Hachiya and his group report to Shizuma, who orders them to engage the outsiders again, and expresses interest in Kagura's response. Later, Denki wanders off at night after buying vintage electronics, and is kidnapped. A message is delivered to Boruto, telling him where to go to find Denki. Denki learns from his kidnappers that he's bait for Boruto, who have to defeat up to save their reputation.