Boruto's class bids Kirigakure farewell. Chōchō arrives late over having brought along numerous souvenirs. Boruto notices Kagura's absence, unaware he is watching the ship depart from afar. Boruto returns home, and is confused by Himawari's sullen attitude as he recounts the excursion. At the Academy, Boruto, Sarada, and Iwabee are called to Iruka's office. Boruto conjures a cover story, but it turns out Chōjūrō sent the Academy a notice praising the three for their actions, but the three are given detention. Suigetsureports the events of Kirigakure to Orochimaru. Orochimaru implies to have facilitated the conflicts, in order to make moving around easier. Suigetsu reports Shizuma and his accomplices have been silently arrested, and put in rehabilitation facilities. Orochimaru comments on how Boruto managed to acquire evidence against Shizuma, to Suigetsu's discomfort. Later, Kagura tries overcoming his fear of wielding swords. Boruto asks Hinata about Himawari's attitude, and is shocked when she reminds him he promised Himawari souvenirs from his trip. Boruto tries confessing to Himawari he forgot it, but can't bring himself to do it, so he lies and says he got her sweets that got mixed up with a friend's luggage. Boruto tries getting some from his classmates, but they've already eaten theirs. Mitsuki and Saradafinding Boruto after he's asked everyone, and Sarada tells him about the store Chōchō showed her. Boruto finds the store, and sees that it has the sweets. However, shopkeeper refuses to sell them to him. When he sees the shopkeeper plays Shinobi Bout, they bet on it. Mitsuki points out to Boruto he can see the shopkeeper's cards on a reflection. Instead of cheating, he points it out to the shopkeeper, and asks to reshuffle. The shopkeeper asks them to leave, and gives Boruto the sweets for free. On his way home, Boruto comes across Tayori, who delivers a letter from Kagura, where he apologises to Boruto. Boruto gets home, gives Himawari her sweets, and confesses to having forgotten to buy them in the trip.